The Staff

1st - the main guitar

- the master of the punk guitar!
some personal info:
real name is andrew bandito, also named "andre the spatzenhirn" ... born in 1979, he's the youngest member of the kriechpest. he lives in cologne/germany, has got a faible for tennis, squash, basketball and of course the computer.. further he has got a guitar and plays since he was 3.

2nd - the 2nd main guitar

- the master of the dreck guitar!

real name is phil sesam, also called "pholl the kuckuck o' the month" ... he was also born in 1979. he'S the master of dreck an is responsible for songs like "mampfkuchen", "schmutzwasserpumpe" or "pestwurz". He also lives in cologne/germany. in his free time, he play's computer, codes a lot and of course he plays tennis, squash, volleyball and ..... mhmm.. the guitar. he's the only one who knows how to play the dreck guitar, although he plays guitar since he's 16!!

- the master of the bongo drums and the vOIce!

real name is ollie van der vlught, also called "die ratte vom nil" .. born in 1978, the year of da wolperdinger! livin' somewhere in cologne/germany, he surf's through the nEt, play's ultra_violENt computer gAMes (check out our links!) and plays the drums... . .. he also is the main voice of the kriechpest..

- the master of the universe

real name is wolli the wischmopp, also called "Guappo el bloeder wichso" ...born in 1978, he's the oldest member of the kriechpest. he lives in cologne/germany, likes wind&net-surfing & raping little enfermeras... he's playing the kraetze & the main bass of da dreckwurz he also likes the scheisshaus.... & is trying hard to aquire the skill of dreck-guitar with monster-mojo... he'd like to greet all the ravers in the world may they burst & decay..

now it's time for a greetin... this one goes to...

*deeeeeeeeeeeeeeep love. .... ...* (dumbo)